I finally got my new ride

Discussion in 'About BassNJ.com' started by DropShot65, Dec 22, 2021.

  1. DropShot65

    DropShot65 Active Member

    It finally came in after 9 months on backorder...G3 1548 vbw . I decked it out with a Minn Kota 70 Maxxum mounted on the centerline and powered by 2 BattleBorn Lithium's . I'm really looking forward to using this rig .

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  2. Beetlespin

    Beetlespin Well-Known Member

    That'll work.

    Going to need something on that aluminum to quiet it down a bit.
  3. DropShot65

    DropShot65 Active Member

    Yeah...I've been looking into Seadeck for the bow floor and the rear seat . Not only for quietness , but to keep my feet and ass from getting burnt in the summer sun .
  4. Beetlespin

    Beetlespin Well-Known Member

    I glued down some Home Depot indoor/outdoor carpet which is holding up surprisingly well. If I were to do it again I would have went with regular boat carpet. My lures really like the carpet.
  5. DropShot65

    DropShot65 Active Member

    I did that on my other tin boat and like you said it wasn't bad. When I went to Fl. snook fishing, the boat I was on had Seadek padding on it and it was amazingly comfortable on the feet . Right now it's just an option.

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