2019 T&T Sunday Feb 24 2019 @Blackwater Sports Center 9AM to 1PM


It's that time of year, already, our annual T&T day here at the shop exclusive to the BassNJ crew. Exclusive deals, give aways, light refreshment that day.....Bring your A game, I'm sure the tailgating will start way before we open at 9.......
For those interested, there is a group that hits Malaga Diner for breakfast. Usually we are seated to the left in the back. Breakfast is at 8am. Shopping by 9am.
Bump....This Sunday......storewide sale.....giveaways...light refreshments........Watch Jefferson6599 not win anything again PRICELESS!!!!! hope to see you guys here...looking forward to it!!!!
Had a good time... Spent some of my money but more importantly I got my brother in law to spend his as he is just getting into this bass catching thing... He is already kicking my a$$ by the way... lol
Thanks to the crew at Blackwater for some great deals and great advice...