BassNJ Fall Brawl Series #1 - Carnegie Lake - 7am - 3pm


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7am - 3pm (Registration @5:00am)

Buddy or Solo
$100 Buy-In - Includes $10 Lunker

80% Payout - 1st (55%), 2nd (35%), 3rd (10%) & Lunker
7% Bonus Towards Season Point Winner - Refer to BassNJ's Point System
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Unfortunately, due to a conflict with obtaining a permit, we need to move #1 to Lake Carnegie. Sorry fellas.
Early Registration for 10/7/17. If you can't complete the PDF, I can email a word doc. Please email back to


  • BassNJ Fall Brawl 2017 - Carnegie Lake Registration 10-7-17.pdf
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Hope to see you guys tomorrow morning.

When you get there, get your boat ready to drop in ASAP. I will check your live well, then collect your registration and money. The ramp only fits one boat at a time so efficiency is a must. Please try and get in the water ASAP and do your lure tying on the boat while you wait for everyone to put in. Anything that can be done while on the water prior to start, please do it there. Thanks everybody, look forward to seeing you in the AM.