BassNJ Fall Brawl Series #3 - Manasquan Reservoir - 7am - 3pm


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7am - 3pm (Registration @5:30am)

Buddy or Solo
$100 Buy-In - Includes $10 Lunker

80% Payout - 1st (55%), 2nd (35%), 3rd (10%) & Lunker
7% Bonus Towards Season Point Winner - Refer to BassNJ's Point System
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Quick question, what navionics chip has manasquan res contour lines? I went to Canada last week and had a small lake with full details but cannot get my local jersey depths. Any help would be great.
Reminder...we're at the Big Bass of the Week's most winning lake on Sunday. Hope to see you guys there!
Hope to see you guys in the AM. Weather will be awesome, take advantage and come on out.