1st Annual BassNJ.com Fall Brawl Open Buddy Series


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Happy to announce the first annual BassNJ Fall Brawl Point Series.

The series will include 2 Central Jersey lakes and 2 South Jersey Lakes. Hopefully, this will get some bragging rights going for North VS Central VS South. I know the 2 lakes are Central, but most in North NJ have fished these lakes before.


10/7/17 - Carnegie Lake
10/14/17 - Newton Lake
10/22/17 - Manasquan Reservoir
10/28/17 - Rainbow Lake

7am - 3pm (Registration @5:00am)

Buddy or Solo
$100 Buy-In - Includes $10 Lunker

80% Payout - 1st (55%), 2nd (35%), 3rd (10%) & Lunker
7% Bonus Towards Season Point Winner - Refer to BassNJ's Point System - (All points will stay with boaters in the case that co-angler can not make tournament)

BassNJ Fall Brawl Points.jpg
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Hey Rob, is the Manasquan T going to be on a Sunday? Just curious because the others are on Saturdays
The 7% of the pot from all 4 tournaments. We will payout a total of 87%. 80% on tournament day and the remaining 7% goes to the champ at the end.
Do you have to fish every tournament. I can only fish sunday squan. I work saturdays
Bummer...no, you don't have to fish all of them. They are all open to anyone to fish. Just the more you fish, the more points you accumulate for the bonus at the end.
I think there should be some type of trophy or plaque awarded at the end to the winners, instead of or alongside the cash bonus
Thought your classic was at the Squan, but at Candlewoood so will have to leave it. Five Alive owns November so no real room.